Booking Your Wedding Photographer

First things first, your wedding is quite possibly the most important day of your life! Up there with Children being born, graduation and also the proposal (hoping your partner says Yes!) So it makes sense to do it right, getting the right wedding photographer for the right wedding couple. I’m sure by now you have probably realised that there are many photographer’s out there, all very good at doing their job. BUT do they match your personality?

As the wedding day is usually a whole day event, it’s safe to say you will be spending a lot of time with your chosen photographer. My best advice is meet them first, make sure your wedding photographer gels with your personalities, gets a feel for your love and makes it bespoke to you.

There is nothing worse than having a stranger taking your pictures. It is important to feel comfortable around them, let them record all of your day in an unobtrusive friendly manner.

To make my clients feel comfortable I always follow a few simple principles:

Always meet the couple first. Once initial contact has been made, either by phone or email I always book a free face to face consultation.

This is the first chance to meet, making sure the couple feel comfortable around me, and for me to showcase my personality.

Be Prepared. Always ask about the order of the day, how many guests, etc. I like to know where I’m shooting the bridal/ groom prep and make sure I’m familiar with the venues. It is also a good chance to ask if they have any specific shots in mind they would like to capture.

Keep in contact. I am taking bookings years in advance. It is important to keep regular contact after that initial consultation. This could be via email or phone updates on the order of the day, or even offering a bridal or engagement shoot. Again, it’s all linking back to building that rapport with the wedding couple.

By following these few simple steps you maintain contact with the clients, keeping that air of professionalism, get full up to date details of the days plans, and also make the bride and groom feel relaxed when you are working around them.